Here’s a few photos from yesterdays (27 September) ski from Mt Cheeseman Ski field to Mt Olympus Ski Field via Mt Cheeseman.
As the photos attest, we had a beautiful blue sky day, with light winds. Shame about the snow, which was rock hard where the sun hadn’t been on it for long enough. We had a nice ski on the lower slopes of Olympus, and a steep downhill on the western side of Mt Olympus but that was about it.

Here’s our route, as recorded by Strava.

Well worth doing. We organised two groups, one driving around to Mt Olympus, while Dave and I drove up Cheeseman. Shame not to do the trip as a single group, but without a driver it would have meant a silly shuttle, so this worked perfectly for us. It took us about 5.30 hours to cover the 9.6 kms with plenty of stops along the way to enjoy the views.