Recently I was lucky enough to spend three days ski touring on the Tasman Glacier with eight friends, and two guides, Paul and Elke from Alpine Recreation. We flew from Tekapo with Tekapo Helicopters, and landed just above the Tasman Saddle hut, which is perched on the edge of a steep ridge, beside the Tasman glacier at 2340 metre. (Interesting factoid: Tasman Saddle hut is about the same latitude as Christchurch!) We explored the bottom of the Anna glacier, up to Lendenfeld saddle and the side of Hochsetter dome, the ice cliffs in the middle of the Tasman Glacier, and on the last day, the Darwin and Bonny glaciers. Although I have done a bit of climbing in the past, I have to admit that it was great to be under the care of two very experienced guides for the three days.

Thanks to Ross, Jan, Nig, Desiree and Sharon for sponsoring part of my flight.


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