Back-up for the addiction

Back-up for the addiction

Now that I’m a pensioner, I seem less inclined to go to work – go figure! So, instead of being at work, I spent the morning sat in front of my computer processing the weekends Rugby photos, after which I needed to get out and aboot (I have Canadians staying).  So I took myself off to Godley head to see if I could find some small birds washing in a puddle, or just any bird that I could photograph to feed the “I have to photograph something” addiction .. but alas, apart from the backs of a couple of small birds, I didn’t come across any, nil and zilch-oh. Fortunately, I had put in a tripod and a couple of wide angle lenses so I quickly morphed into a landscape photographer and photographed the sunset over Sumner.

Addiction (mostly) sated for another few days!

Canon R5. Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 Sport, Sigma 14 – 24 F/2.8 Art, Sigma 24 – 105 f/4 Art.

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