Generally, prints of photos featured on this website are available for purchase in most sizes from the photographer.
My photo collections are divided into two categories:

  • Event photos: i.e. Rugby, Soccer, Sailing Regattas etc.
  • Gallery Photos: i.e: Landscapes, conceptual, people etc. These are custom prints, on any media the client chooses, and cost more than the event pictures.

To order an “event” photo or digital download please use the shopping cart attached to each gallery. You will find the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the thumbnail pane, or to the bottom left of the film strip in the larger gallery view.

Shopping Cart

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Click on the icon to bring up the print sizes etc, fill in the quantity you need then follow the on screen instructions to complete your order. You should receive an automated thank you message from me and a confirmation email from Paypal with your order details on it.


  • Digital Download – $7
  • 6″ x 4″ Print – $4
  • 5″ x 7″ Print – $7
  • 8″ x 12″ Print – $14

Please note: I fulfil the orders manually. This may take me a day or two to do. If you have ordered a digital download, I will email you the photo files. You will not receive a link from which you can download them immediately.
To order a Gallery print or if there is no shopping cart attached (the shopping cart is newish, so not all galleries use it) email me with the following details:

  • File reference
  • the size you require
  • Canvas: Please use the “A”size system. Click here to see the sizes.
  • Print (matt or gloss finish for prints)
  • any special requests, such as black and white, sepia etc.

Please note: that the purchase of the print does not license you to use the image for commercial purposes (e.g advertising) Please contact me for commercial rates and permission.

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  1. Hi Tony,
    Great photos of the kids rugby at Sumner from the weekend.
    I would like to buy some, however the shopping trolley is not with any of the photos.
    Are you able to add the ability for us to buy these photos?
    Many thanks

  2. Sorry about that John. I noticed yesterday that I hadn’t turned the shopping cart on, then plum forgot to do so. cheers for reminding me.

  3. Hey Tony,

    Hope all is well with you. I’m looking to buy a digital download to print here in Canada. I was thinking one of Sumner looking towards the city from Scarborough Heads/ Godley Heads Rd. Do you have something like that you’d recommend? If you could point me to the right gallery on your website or help me narrow down the search that would be great!

  4. Hi Paul, I’ll get some sorted and let you know. Give me a couple of days. Tony

  5. Hi I tried to contact you by email but it bounced back. Please let me know your email address as I like to purchase the digital download. Thank you.

  6. Hi Amy, thanks for pointing that out, clearly its been awhile since I checked that page as that email has been defunct for quite awhile! What image were you wanting to order? If it’s a rugby one there should be a shopping cart icon to the left of the film strip at the bottom of the gallery page. Just use that.

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