In search of the Little Egret

In search of the Little Egret

It took me two trips to the Ashley river and one to Catons Bay beside lake Forsyth before I spied a Little Egret. They are occasional migrants to New Zealand from Australian, arriving in autumn and leaving in early spring.  My friend Greg said before we went “you know, there is next to no chance we’ll see the bird at Lake Forsyth” to which I answered “I know”. But we went anyway, because you certainly won’t see it at home. We drove into the carpark and Greg pronounced that the bird wasn’t there .. with more glee than I thought necessary (he had already seen it at the Ashley a couple of weeks before), I was momentarily disappointed, then saw it to the left of the car, and calmly told Greg it was over there! But it was extremely flighty, so I only managed a couple of shots before it took off to be with its new besties, the Royal Spoonbills just around the corner.  I got the last laugh though, because Greg didn’t get any shots! We stopped on the way home to see if we could find a Marsh Crake hanging out in Lake Ellesmere, but alas, no luck.  Here’s a few shots from the Ashley, Lake Forsyth and Lake Ellesmere taken over the weekend. 

Canon R7, Canon EF 500L F/4 IS

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  1. These are terrific bird pictures! I really enjoy seeing them. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. No regerts then.

  3. You are so clever … took me ages to get it though ….
    Happy travels in Italy!

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