Stormy Nor’Westerly skies

Stormy Nor’Westerly skies

I was asked to photograph a prospective Air BnB’s view the other day.  The blue sky day was perfect for what the client needed to showcase the room, but I must say that every landscape photographers bone in my body screamed “yuck, yuck, yuck!” Those sort of days are just so boring. Give me a storm with clouds with attitude any day.  So here’s a collection of stormy skies I took a few days ago from my veranda, showing a north westerly storm brewing over the Puketeraki Range, to the west of Christchurch. I have put one of the blue sky shots in to demonstrate the difference. You choose which you prefer!

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  1. Air Bnbs cater to travelers, who usually expect to see spectacular vistas from the places they stay. If the photos include stormy skies, how can they determine which are likely to prevail during their stay? Bottom line is, the photos need to include images of both blue sky days and storm cloud days.

  2. Absolutely. It wasn’t really a post about whether an ABnB should have blue sky photos (of course they should) it was more from a photographers perspective that I find stormy days much more interesting to photograph.

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