Canterbury, Kent

Chester Gallery

Dover Gallery

A weekend in Dover in December! I must admit its tempting to leave travelling for the warmth and long days of summer, but to do so would be to waste all those glorious winter weekends – and lets face it, with only 52 weekends in total in a year, who can afford to waste any? True, the days are shorter and definitely colder, but if you dress warmly, have a few wet weather options up your sleeve, then winter weekends away are perfect – especially as the bulk of tourists tend to stay at home! No queuing for fish and chips. Yes!

Lincoln and Lincolnshire Gallery

A weekend with friends amongst the wolds of Lincolnshire … Claxby St Andrew to be precise, somewhere west-ish from Skegness and small, so small in fact that it doesn’t even rate a mention on most road atlases, and to catch a bus anywhere you must first ‘order’ it in advance by phone. But if its peace and quiet you relish, then this place is perfect as there is no bustle and certainly no hustle here. Lincoln is only an hours drive away – hence the pictures – the others are a bit random – from around Claxby – some taken on previous trips – the power station ….. well, I just thru that one in … it qualifies because its in Lincolnshire ….. We also visited seals at Donna Nook, about 22 miles north of Skegness.

Seven Sisters – South Downs Gallery

A fine summers day on Beachy head, the highest point at around 175m of the seven sisters, a string of pearly white sea cliffs in the south downs. We walked along the tops to Birling Gap, had a beer, as you do, then meandered back along the rocky shore, passing the 43m high Beachy head lighthouse en-route. A steepish climb at the end brought us to the car park and the waiting ice-cream van atop Beachy Head.

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London Gallery

Nunhead Cemetery - London

Nunhead Cemetery is one of the seven cemeteries established in a ring around the outskirts of London.

St Albans, England


Stonehenge - December 23, 2006