Bremerhaven is situated at the junction of the Weser and Geeste rivers in northern Germany. It is roughly 10 km from the north sea and 60 km downstream of Bremen. It was founded in 1827 as a trading port for Bremen, due to its close proximity to the north sea. It was a major emigration port for people wanting to go to the states in the 19 century. The Weser river is navigable for its entire length of 439 km. It also forms part of a complex canal system that connects the Elbe, Rhine and Ems rivers. The towns major industry is fishing and fish processing, along with a busy port used for boat building and repairs (and a home for lost Iraqi boats). It has an excellent boat museum, with displays of just about every boat that ever was. I enjoyed it, although every thing is in German, which hinders understanding if you can’t read German!
Bremerhaven Gallery

Rügen Island Gallery

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