Not very often
A little shag with its wings open

Not very often

I took my bike out for a spin today as it had been awhile since I had used it and I was worried that the bearings might seize up if I didn’t use it! Just did a loop around the Heathcote and back along the the coastal walkway. On the way home I noticed loads of Kingfishers perched on the side of the path, just above the mud flats. I thought of stopping, then thought no way they’ll hang around, then, oh well, might as well stop and see if I can get a photograph. So I stopped, got the camera out, and, much to my surprise one stayed sitting on a rock close by. It’s very unusual that you find yourself zooming out to fit a Sacred Kingfisher in the frame!  I’ve included a few photos of a Pied Shag and a Little Shag.

Canon R7, Canon RF 100 – 500 f4.5 7.1.


Tony Brunt

Christchurch, New Zealand based Sports and Nature Photographer, specially in local sport including, Cricket and Rugby.

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